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The department of Computer Science and Engineering (Data Science) is an exponentially increasing field consisting of a set of tools and techniques for extracting useful information from the data. It is the application of engineering to analyze, design, and built software solutions to solve the societal problems.  The programme encompasses data Science as an interdisciplinary, problem-solving-oriented subject that learns to apply scientific techniques to practical problems.

The course curriculum involves a blend of data inference, algorithm development, and technology to analytically solve complex problems. The programme imparts a confluence of skills in three major areas of mathematical expertise, technology hacking skills, and business strategy. The core of this programme is the ultimate use of enormous data in creative ways to generate business value. Hidden insights are brought to the fore to enable companies to make smarter business decisions. Data Science programme orients on practical classes and self-study during the preparation of datasets and programming of data analysis tasks.


* Data Analysts                                                 * Business Analyst

* Data Engineers                                               * Data and Analytics Managaer

* Data Architect                                                 * Business intelligence manager

Dr S. Shiva Prasad
(Professor & Head of Department DS)
Data Science, HOD
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